Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Her pick 1990s: The Iron Giant

I made a change to my 1990s pick after my random movie picking had yielded such bad results, haha.
I was reading through choices and Corey jumped on this one saying it was awesome.  And since there were no animated movies on the list I figured it would be a fun change.
The Iron Giant features the voices of Jennifer Aniston and Harry Connick, Jr.
It's about boy becoming friends with this enormous "giant" robot/alien that crashed from the sky.
The setting is the 1950s, so the mood is one of paranoia and distrust of anything and everything foreign. The government is very interested, and the story progresses from there.

This is Jennifer Aniston's character, "Mom" who is single and works as a waitress, so her son "Hogarth" is on his own a lot.  Never heard of that name, but it didn't even get red squiggly lines under it so it must be a thing.

Harry Connick, Jr. voices the beatnik type junkyard artist.  He's a good guy.
The bad guy is the government agent, who provides a lot of humor.

Vin Diesel is the voice of the Iron Giant. Don't worry, you won't even notice. ha ha. If you watch it you'll see what I mean.

The newspaper headline says a lot.
So, I give this movie an 8/10.
It's a very good movie. The animation style isn't the new computer generated style of the Toy Story types, but it still looks really neat because it was done that way purposely and serves the setting well.  The storyline is interesting, and the boy, Hogarth, is just what you would imagine a 50s kid would be.  It is rated PG and there are a couple of clear instances of cursing.  

Definitely watch this movie if you haven't seen it.  It is not on instant streaming anywhere that we could find, we requested it from Netflix on dvd.

The next choice is Corey's pick from the 1950s.  He's wanted me to watch it for years, and it's taking more than one sitting to get through.  Think Gone with the Wind epic length here.

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