Wednesday, July 16, 2014

His Pick 1920s: Sherlock, Jr

We were able to knock out two of our movies back to back since we could watch this one with the kids this morning, and it was only a little under an hour long.

This was a really fun movie to watch! I am really becoming fascinated with silent movies.  I love that you get to watch more, that everything is told without words except for sporadically placed words on the screen.  And that in and of itself gives a different timing to the presentation.  Your laughs often come with the action, with the words, or with both, but not at the same time.  I think it adds something to the enjoyment, but I can't really say why.  It just does.
Maybe it is just the novelty of it.  If I sat and watched silent movie after silent movie it might get old.
Buster Keaton plays a movie projectionist whose rival accuses him of stealing his fiancee's father's pocket watch.
There are some REALLY impressive scenes in this movie.  Especially considering that there were no computers and not nearly as many special effects tricks that could be done.
He did all his own stunts.  Everything was actually done.  Katie and Noah loved watching it too with knowing none of it was computer magic.

He's a short guy! ha!

He takes on the role of a detective, and lives the life of a detective in his fantasy which takes a large portion of the movie.
This is on Netflix instant play, and I highly recommend sitting down for a bit and giving it a try.

I really enjoyed the humor, even though it was quite a bit of slapstick, which I normally do not enjoy at all.  Corey said that he didn't understand why I didn't like The Three Stooges if I like this.
Very easy to explain: this was a *silent* movie. I only had to listen to music (and good entertaining music, it changed more than I expected) and not the grating sound of those very annoying stooge voices and noises.

I give this a 9/10.  I was going to say 8, but the story really was a good one and for a comedy it definitely did a great job of being one, even without spoken jokes.

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