Sunday, September 21, 2014

Her Pick 1930s: The Public Enemy

We ended the movie challenge with my pick from the 1930s.
James Cagney and Edward Woods play two "hoodlums" in Chicago.  It opens showing them as children and follows them as they grow up to lead lives of big crime.

Jean Harlow is the female "lead" pictured, but she's really not a huge part of the movie. She does bring out an interesting side of the main guy though, so I guess she's important.

This movie is pretty heavy on the realism and the ending was apparently done as sort of a "public service announcement" idea to show people what can happen with leading this lifestyle.
I think it was a good movie to end on.  It was a classic.  I had never seen James Cagney, so that was kind of neat also.
I give this movie a 6/10. It had a lot slow areas, and wasn't what you would call action packed at all.
It's mainly just a character/life study of these two guys, and mostly James Cagney's character.
There was some pretty decent acting by most of the characters.
It's surprisingly dark for a movie from so long ago.  I can't imagine what the reaction would have been from people who may not have been as desensitized to violence on a big screen.

So the movie challenge is complete! 20 movies over the course of the summer.
I really enjoyed doing this.  Purposely choosing movies from all these decades has really expanded my interest in a few genres.  I am interested to see more Buster Keaton, Carey Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and other "old" movies.
I appreciate Corey's willingness to compromise, we couldn't have finished without his cooperation in that because several of his picks were very long movies. haha.
We can say we've done it now, and now we can come up with our next challenge.

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