Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Her Pick 1970s: The Sting

Another good movie added from my list!

Did you know the piano song "The Entertainer" is used as a main theme in this movie? It was written long before it was made, and from a slightly earlier era, but it still fits the fun mood of this movie. Even though the subject matter is pretty serious at times with the mob and various killings, it still has a lighthearted vibe.
For example, the different phases of the  movie have these Norman Rockwell-ish style introductory screens shown in between, telling sort of what part it about to happen in the plot development.
These drawings along with the rag time music almost give it a western style feel, though it is definitely not a western.

It is set in the height of the mob, con-man, double cross "scene" of Chicago.

I haven't really seen a lot of movies in general, but to me, this is very much an "Oceans 11" type of movie, which is why I picked it.  I enjoy a movie with an elaborate scheme to fool the badder guys (ha, they are all bad, but some are baddER). 
Paul Newman and Robert Redford play a couple of con-artists who set up a big plan to get back at a mob boss. 

It's fascinating and interesting and funny, and the plot is well played out. There aren't really any slow parts. It stayed interesting the entire time.
The characters aren't extremely deep or philosophical.  The movie is one that's been done before it and many times since.  But this one is done quite well, it looked great especially for being from the fuzzy/blurry 70s, and the comedy was well-timed and fitting for the individuals and roles.
I give this movie a 9/10 also because I just really really enjoyed it. And it's the kind of "this kind" of movie I like.

We ended up watching two movies on Labor Day (Modern Times and this one), so we are now only 3 movies away from completing the movie challenge!
We've got Corey's 70s pick (which I am trying to be optimistic about ha!) and my 30s and 2010s pick.

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