Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Her pick 1950s: A Streetcar Named Desire

Okay, so somehow, I had never read this play in school.
I guess it just didn't make the cut.

The movie version stars (as you can see) Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh.
When it starts, Vivien Leigh's character is arriving on a "streetcar named desire" in New Orleans, to visit her sister for an extended visit.  Apparently she's lost the family plantation during hard times, and her sister is her only family left.  Her sister has married "beneath" them, to a "common" man.

The sister's husband, Brando, is a very short-tempered blue collar worker.
He has a lot of explosions and it is hinted and shown a little that he is abusive, yet the sister always takes him back and stays with him.

Through the story, you find out a good many secrets and scandals, the story has some twists that are apparently more easily to see in the play version.
I enjoyed the movie.  I felt like it was kind of constantly hitting a climax, meaning I didn't want to leave because I was afraid I was missing the most important part the entire time, haha.
I give this movie a 7/10. The plot, though with some twists, isn't that surprising.  The acting by Leigh, to me, was good, but still pretty fake.  It reminded me a lot of her flighty and flirtatious character from Gone With the Wind which is the only thing I know her from.  So I couldn't tell if that's the character she always plays or if it truly fit each of these because I only have the two roles to compare. Yes, these two at the core are very different, but they are also very similar in some of the more intense parts of the movie.
It's worth seeing, and good, but I think there are aspects which could definitely be better.

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