Sunday, September 21, 2014

His Pick 1970s: Diamonds Are Forever

We got down to the last weekend before fall with two movies left to watch.
So, due to time constraints and me not handling extra stress very well, Corey was kind of enough to change his pick for the 70s from The Godfather to Diamonds Are Forever.

It had villians, complete with tricks

and creepy factor.

And plenty of "what's going on?" "how will he get out of this" moments.

This was the first time I had seen a Sean Connery bond film.  It was actually the last one he did.
I may have caught a few minutes here or there of one years ago on TBS or something.
I really enjoyed it.  It was neat to compare it to more recent spy movies.  The acting was pretty over the top for some scenes, especially the fight scenes. But it was a good movie.
I give this a 6/10.  It was a good movie, but not really great in any aspects. One set of the bad guys was never really explained, I could never figure out how they fit with the main bad guy. 

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